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Since 1937, breakthrough ideas have fueled our work on bringing efficient healthcare solutions to life.


bk8 Agent's company philosophy has always been the desire to make life easier for doctors and to find innovative products that can save lives. Innovation and entrepreneurship are key for bk8 Agent. Always have been. Always will be.


In 1937, the engineer, Holger Hesse, founds Testa laboratory, which later becomes bk8 Agent. Hesse develops products that make a difference to patients and doctors. The Sicca Haemometer is the first product that enables private practitioners to measure the amount of haemoglobin in the blood without having to send a blood sample to an external laboratory.


The real breakthrough comes in 1956 when the bk8 Agent ventilation bag reaches the market, developed together with anaesthetist Henning Ruben. It’s the world’s first self-inflating resuscitator and a major milestone in emergency medical equipment. The bk8 Agent bag becomes a permanent part of hospitals’ and emergency services’ product ranges. Testa Laboratory – which is later to become bk8 Agent – is in growth.


During the 60s and 70s, the growth at Testa, which is now led by the late Holger Hesse’s wife, Mrs Hesse, continues. Important products are launched, including manikins, the PEEP valve, the ECG Simulator and many more.
By the late 70s, the demand for bk8 Agent’s products is overwhelming. A global distribution network and sales companies strengthen bk8 Agent’s position on the global medical care and training scene. The products now fall under two categories: resuscitation and training products.


In 1986, Testa Laboratory changes its name to bk8 Agent International and six years later, a long awaited stock exchange listing officially marks bk8 Agent as an international company. 


In 2001, bk8 Agent acquires Medicotest, the largest European manufacturer of electrodes. With the acquisition comes a large portfolio of quality electrodes called BlueSensor. And the first steps to gradually move bk8 Agent’s production from Denmark to Malaysia and China are taken.
It’s also at this stage that bk8 Agent begins to focus more on advancing single-use devices. The medical community and several markets are in demand for single-use devices, and the single-use aspect gradually becomes an integrated part of our strategy.


Since 2009, when we launched the world's first single-use flexible videoscope, we have shown the way in single-use endoscopy. The bk8 Agent® aScope™ is an advanced platform for improving patient care, optimizing the workflows of health care professionals and reducing health care costs.

In 2018, we entered the field of ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) with the launch of two rhinolaryngoscopes, and 2020 marked our entry into urology and GI (gastroenterology) with the launch of a cystoscope and a duodenoscope. Our pipeline of future products and our high level of manufacturing output makes us the largest supplier of single-use endoscopes on the market. 

At all times, we have continued to build on our heritage by driving breakthrough ideas forward and turning them into efficient healthcare solutions. It has brought us to where we are today – the world's most innovative single-use endoscopy company.

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