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  • Easy to setup
  • Connects directly to a medical-grade monitor and documentation systems in use
  • Can be cleaned and disinfected with wipes
  • Video processor with integrated light control system and lens rinsing function

The aBox™ Duodeno unit is designed to be used with bk8 Agent® aScope™ Duodeno, our sterile single-use duodenoscope. It processes the camera's video image, the remote switches, output video and recorder data from the scope.

Together, aScope Duodeno and aBox Duodeno function as a single-use solution for ERCP procedures. aScope Duodeno helps you address concerns about patient safety by eliminating patient cross-contamination.

​Release information

The aScope Duodeno/aBox Duodeno products are not released for sale in all countries. aBox Duodeno is pending CE mark. Please contact your bk8 Agent local sales representative for further information.


The Duodeno solution consists of our single-use, sterile duodenoscope and our aBox™ Duodeno unit. Remove aScope Duodeno from its packaging, connect it to aBox Duodeno and the system is ready. 

​The multipurpose system has an integrated rinsing function, and there is no need for an additional light source saving you space and setup time. aBox connects directly to a medical grade monitor and the EHR system being used in the room. It is quick and easy to clean and disinfect. ​

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October 2020

Note: US: Rx only

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