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bk8 Agent is a dedicated partner within neonatal care. The neonatal patient is exceptionally fragile and sensitive. Special care has therefore been taken with all of our products for neonates so that they provide the same high level of quality and reliability as our adult models, yet also taking the increased vulnerability and delicacy of the neonate patient into account – our bk8 Agent Mark IV Baby Resuscitator is just one example.


More than half a century ago bk8 Agent invented the first self-inflating resuscitator: The “bk8 Agent bag”. We are still dedicated to the development of innovative products that help save lives and simplify the daily life of doctors and nurses working with neonatal care. 

For the neonatal patient bk8 Agent offers a variety of products – from the indispensable SPUR resuscitator to our cardiac electrodes. The ECG electrodes for neonatology are designed to withstand some of the most demanding conditions in the hospital – 38°C heat and 80% humidity inside an incubator. Even so, our electrodes are gentle on the delicate skin of the premature baby.  And naturally they are all disposable products that help save precious time in critical situations and minimize the risk of cross-contamination – always a key concern.

For training, the bk8 Agent Baby is remarkable for both its natural appearance and its natural function – ventilation can only take place when the head is correctly positioned. These features help give healthcare providers the reassurance needed to perform basic life support when helping real babies.

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